D’Best PVC Door & Window Repairs and Parts bring you WINTER DIY TIPS.


D’Best Door & Window Repairs and Parts bring you WINTER DIY TIPS. 

Time to get out and get those last minute DIY jobs done, the winter is about to creep in and you’ll be too cosy on the couch to tackle these jobs in the bitter cold. Make yourself a cuppa and take a seat; we have some money saving hints and tips for you.

uPVC-Window-Door-Seals- breeze-DBest

The insulation in the attic is fluffed up to 300mm, the boiler has been tuned to sing like a siren, and every dastardly draft has been tailored, stuffed and sealed — but what about outside the envelope of your house?


This is a job for an expert, or if you chose to scale your roof, make sure to use proper ladders and use soft gripping shoes, but I would not advise anyone to do this, the cost of an expert to scale the roof for you and check it is minimal. You can often see the majority of the roof from the ground, or with binoculars, if your lucky enough to have a drone, then send it on up there.

Look at the tiles/slates, flashing and keep an eye for moss and algae, algae will damage brick and plaster work (The Red Algae Doctor can treat this), this can damage your tiles/slates and be expensive to repair. Moss can also cause your tiles to lift and even dislodge, turning them into missiles in the winter winds.

Next, check the gutters, soffit and fascia, damage to these can be expensive and DONT place your ladders over them or they will break, check for leaks, cracks and damage, water running down your walls from leaks or water running will cause algae (The Red Algae Doctor can treat this), if you have cracks or broken guttering, time is of the essence, make sure to get them replaced D’Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement – Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133 will replace your soffit and guttering)

dbest pvc front door insert panels

Check the fascia, see if it is away from the backing boards, if this occurs this leaves room for small animals, rats, birds etc to get intot your attic and damage it, (WoodEver Carpentry and Joinery – Gates – Fences and Furniturecan replace all of your wooden backing boards and D’Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement – Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133can replace all of your other soffit, gutter and fascias)


NEVER lean a ladder against plastic guttering or any downpipe. PVC-U is relatively brittle and certainly an unsafe support.

Cleaning your gutters not only ensures that water gets off the roof and down to the drains efficiently — it cleans out the expansion gap of mouldy silt which can clog, and push the sections of gutter apart. This is a two person job — one on the ground to steady and foot the ladder, the other to lift the rubbish out of the gutter using something like a plastic (never metal) gardening trowel. (D’Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement – Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133)

A bucket suspended from an ‘S’ hook from the top rung is ideal. Don’t lean out while you work, and don’t mount the top two rungs of the ladder. Wet down clinging muck rather than gouging at it. Once you have finished one run of gutter, flush out the downpipes with water. Use a hand mirror to check behind downpipes for cracks.

One thing that SOFT washers are excellent for, is cleaning paths of slimy moss, lichen and algae. (The Red Algae Doctor) THIS IS ESPECIALLY IN SHADED OR NOTHE FACING YARDS HOUSES WALLS ETC…


If soil and debris is piled up around the base of your house, wet can also splash up, by-passing the DPC. Check for any areas where soil may have raised ground level against the house.

If you see any significant cracks in the exterior walls, even slender ones that appear to be migrating, and significant loss to any pointing, have a chartered engineer check these issues out. Most will be minor settling cracks and easily sorted.


In Conjunction with WoodEver Carpentry and Joinery – Gates – Fences and Furniture
D’Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement – Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133
The Red Algae Doctor all of your winter maintenance will be at the touch of a button


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