PVC, ALUMINIUM, Wooden Doors & Windows. What to look for in replacement windows

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This post will deal with the following:

  • What you should look for when replacing your home windows.
  • What type of windows you can opt for
  • What are ratings and how do they affect your choices
The key to good decisions is knowledge, and this rings true when choosing new doors and windows.  It is wise to research what you are looking for in windows and doors and be aware that windows and doors vary drastically, the more knowledge you have when purchasing your new fits the better choices you will make.  You also need to decide if you want sash or casement windows, tilt and turn or flush casement.
There are industry specific terms which are important to research and understand.

Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is often a top consideration when replacing or in-fact new fit windows. The more energy efficient the window, the lower the cost of utility bills, and the more comfortable you’ll be inside of your home from season to season.  When it comes to energy efficiency, uPVC construction is one of the best. These windows do not get hot or cold to the touch like aluminum windows do, and unlike wood they will not warp or rot over time. ALSO Look for a warranty that covers against warping and sagging.  If you love the look of wood but don’t want the maintenance, you can opt for wood grain PVC windows. Not forgetting to chose your door and window hardware, handles, door handles, hinges, door knockers, letterboxes and vents.
The U-value relates to the amount of heat that is lost through the window; the lower the number the better. Most window U-factors fall between 0.15 and 1.20, with High Performance Glass offering U-values as low as .16.
Manufacture and Installation
D’Best Doors & Windows only offer you top quality windows and doors made by industry leaders and our experienced installers will install your windows and doors using the highest industry standards, giving you the peace of mind that not only have you beautifully designed doors & windows but they are made by industry leaders and fitted by experts.
D’Best Designs and Colours
Now that you have sourced the D’Best quality and installation you can chose your designs and colours that will make your home look and feel great.  When you choose D’best Doors and Windows you can customise every door and window to your exact taste.
Some of the questions you should ask when your deciding on new windows or doors:Do you offer fade resistant color?
  1. Can you replace uniquely shaped windows, such as triangle or half rounds?
  2. Do you offer woodgrain (if desired)?
  3. What colors do you offer for both interior and exterior?
  4. Can you create custom exterior options if needed?
  5. Do you offer hardware options such as brass, steel or satin
If you’re looking for replacement windows then contact D’Best Doors & Windows in Longford, we offer specialty service and custom design with your choice of interior and exterior colours to choose from, we can offer you superior in quality when it comes to energy efficiency, blocking UV light, and withstanding strong winds and water penetration. When it comes to home replacement windows, we stand behind our products.
Call us today on 086 2131133 for a free in-home consultation.


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