Did you know that your windows can be set for summer or winter settings?

You probably didn’t know this, but, your uPVC windows can be maximised for winter use, and it wont cost you anything.  That is of course if you are brave enough to undertake this yourself.

Firstly, it must be stressed that your uPVC windows must be maintained, you cannot simple fit them and forget them, otherwise they will have issues which can potentially be expensive to fix, for instance the hinges can become stiff and the handles may jam or break, or you may have cracks or a leak in your glass. or indeed broken glass.

Tip one, lubricate your windows.

If they are stiff or the hinges are squeaking this can cause draughts where the windows is not closing to the seals.  be sure to oil the handles, hinges and mechanisms at least one a year, you can get your lubrication oil here, and don’t forget to clean them with a soft lint free cloth from time to time, including the hinges, handles and mechanisms.

Tip two, check to see if your windows are manufactured with the summer, winter mechanism settings

You don’t need a handyman to set the windows to “winter mode” and ‘summer mode’. Just open the window and locate the screw on the side mechanism where the handle is and set it with an Allen key. Turn the screw located on the side of the hinge inward, this screw is responsible for regulating the force of the window frame.
There is what’s called a standard mode, this is the settings the fitters usually use, if your not sure then check with a sheet of paper, if you close the window, place the sheet in behind the seal.  when you close the window and pull the paper, in summer mode the paper will slide out gently, in winter mode the paper will be hard to remove and may tear, you can adjust with the allen key for the desired affect.

It is not advisable to leave the windows and doors in ‘winter mode’ the whole year because the load on the tire frame significantly increases, but it will wear out quickly and you will soon have to change parts of the window.


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