PVC or Aluminium Patio Door Repairs, Sliding Balcony Door Repair, Tracks, Boogies, Runners and Rollers

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Are you having problems with your sliding patio door?…  track repair, roller repair, door handles, runners, boogies or the sliding track? Do they need replacement?

sliding patio door in your house, whatever type of door it may be, such as a glass door, a patio door, an aluminum patio door or hardwood framed door, it will be affected by the wet damp Irish weather, problems can occur in winter weather and summer, the temperature change from cold to heat year in and year out can take its toll, it will need repairs from time to time because of natural wear and tear.

The most common problem is the wheels on which doors slide may have damaged or may have come off the track. May be the wheals might have worn out over the period. A wheel cap made of stainless steel to fix on the worn out wheels may solve the problem instead of replacement.

May be sliding door sticks or stops on the door tracks, or is it that sliding door feels like it is bumping or jumping?

But before calling us out you can do on your own some checks and possible repairs that can avoid unnecessary spending.  Have a look below, follow the tips, and if you are still having problems, then give us a call on 083 344 7775

Here are some easy repair tips for your sliding patio door:

  • Roller sliding problem: The rollers may have rusted a bit because of weather or lack of maintenance. Applying a little bit of oil to lubricate them may help smooth rolling. If you find the rollers heavily rusted, they may need replacement. Call us on 083 3447775 to replace them for you.
  • Sliding off the track: the rollers may have rust or particles of dirt on them, clean the rollers and try again.
  • Sliding is hard, jumping, bumpy or stuck:   Check to ensure there is no dust or particles in the track or on the rollers.  Take a brush or cloth and flush out dirt from the track. Slide the door from one side to other to flush out dirt so that the track is clean for smooth sliding.

If you are still having problems then give us a call.  As a leading contractor for sliding patio and balcony door repairs in Ireland, we will attend to every issue you might face. Sliding doors tend to encounter issues like locks and handles getting broken or jammed, wheels or the tracks, runners or boogies damaged or broken.

Don’t wait. Call us today on 083 3447775 or 0862131133


Hints and Tips to Keep your Sliding Patio Door in Tip Top condition

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Here are some things that you can do yourself to check that your door is working correctly

  • Check that the door is opening and closing smoothly and not jamming or jumping when sliding.
  • When lifting the handles or lock mechanism, check that it does not jam
  • Check that the tracks are not damaged or dented at any point.
  • Check that there are no particles or dirt obstructing the rollers or boogies.
  • If the door is not locking properly then put the door in the open position lift the lock handle up and down to see if it moves freely and that all the bolts on the side of the door are moving up and down. This can help to determine whether there is damage to the locking mechanism or instead if it might be a problem with the alignment of the moving door.


My windows are getting harder and harder to Close

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There is a large gap at the bottom of my window and it’s becoming harder and harder to close it. Windows and doors need regular maintenance, if you do not oil your hinges and mechanism regularly they risk becoming stiff and eventually break.


We can replace your hinges from as little as €40 per opening.

Gaps when you close pvc windows usually comes from the hinges being stiff or broken, we can replace your jammed or broken hinges for as little as €40 per pair.

PVC Front and Back Door Lock

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I have just moved into our new house, I need new locks on my front and back doors. Can you help? Is this something you do?
All locking systems, euro cylinders, anti-snap Locks etc, must be fitted by a licenced locksmith. We are not licenced locksmiths, therefore we cannot fit locks, however we can sell you any locks you need.

Stiff hard to close windows

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upvc-window-hinges-supplied-fitted-jammed-windows-stuck-longford-westmeath-dublin-galway-cavan-roscommonIT IS BECOMING MORE AND MORE DIFFICULT TO CLOSE MY BATHROOM WINDOW, IT FEELS STIFF TO OPEN AND CLOSE.

Windows and doors need regular maintenance, if you do not oil your hinges and mechanism regularly they risk becoming stiff and eventually break.


We can replace your hinges from as little as €40 per opening.

Broken Window Handles

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Ive Just closed the window in my kitchen and the handle has come off in my hand.

Not only are broken handles creating a draught, they are also a security risk as well.

ab chrome_espag_window_handle

You need to ensure your home is safe.

We can replace broken handles in no time at all. Handles replaced from €40 per opening.

Door and Window Draughts

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Curtain_blow_in_windI’ve noticed that the curtains in my sitting window and I’ve also noticed the room is always cold.

Poor fitting seals and gaskets can cause moisture and draughts, the window seals can cause leaking and draughts. Give us a call at DBest and we can replace the seals in your doors & windows, and keep you snug and warm, from €35 per window opening